Platform Southwark, Rehearsed Reading - 2017

Writer + Director: Kate Tiernan

Cast: Af Aroalli / Muireann Bird


                                                                                                                             In conversation with James Dixon Archeologist and Nadia Berry Artist/Curator. 

                                                                                                                             In conversation with James Dixon Archeologist and Nadia Berry Artist/Curator. 

Kate Tiernan is joining us at Platform Southwark for our artist in residency programme. Kate will be experimenting and developing her work whilst inviting artists, directors and writers to collaborate.  With a background in visual art Kate works at the intersection of image and gesture within art and theatre; questioning the role of text as an applied form used to delineate distance and time.




The Stage (Working Title) is a Design Research project developed by four Master of Architecture students, Mike Daley, Subarna Gurung, Dhaval Hasmuclal and Thomas Sale tutored by Associate Professor Jonathan Mosley. Design research is a process of searching for answers to an explicit set of questions using design as the principle method. Each student is pursuing an individual investigation through the design of the installation whilst also collaborating on its overall form.

Following a collaborative residency with Chloe Lamford at Metal in Southend we  exhibited a new work titled 'It's Curtains For You'. 

Curtains are markers of life moments with their function either revealing or disguising light, scenes, objects or people. The status of a curtain is both in its materiality and function, we play with this and subvert the labelling to better understand the possibilities and imaginings of what is beyond them. 

Glitter slash curtains, bead curtains, school play curtains, velvet curtains, patterned curtains, domestic curtains - all these variations can expose or reveal both ritual and narrative.

We understand the idea of theatrical curtains moving as an emotional act - the notion of revealing or imagining an unknown context beyond them and their function in theatre to herald the beginning or the end of a narrative or an action. The weight of expectation, the opening of the space and reveal of something to come.

We have invited makers of curtains to stitch and make curtains in the space, exploring the notion of a practical demonstration on the site of a stage as material for performative moments as well as material for the functionality of a curtain itself.